A Day in the Life . . .

Skein Of Geese Heading East
Skein Of Geese Heading East

I was out shopping with my Gran the other day. We went and bought some sweets for me – and a hat, that you can wear to keep your ears warm, for Gran. Everything was going fine. It wasn’t too boring – although I had nearly finished the sweets. I had been told that I had to be careful when I was shopping with Gran as sometimes strange things happened, so I was wearing my lucky badge. I was just looking for a bin to put the empty sweet bag in, when we stopped in front of a shop that was full of clocks.
‘My Goodness,’ Gran said, ‘Look at that. It’s nearly eleven o’clock!’
Well I didn’t think much of it then – now, of course, I know better. A bit farther up the road I could see a rubbish bin, so I said to Gran, ‘I’m just going to go and put my empty sweet packet in that bin.’ You never know, she might have said ‘Oh, have you finished those sweets already? Let’s see if we can find a shop to buy some more’, but she didn’t, she just said ‘Stay on the pavement then, won’t you? I’ll wait here.’
I nodded and dodged in and out of the people as I ran up the road to where the rubbish bin was. I popped my empty sweet packet through the hole for rubbish and turned to go back.
It must have reached eleven o’clock just at that moment. As I stood there, looking back at Gran, something weird started to happen. Then I realised that we were in for it, the thing I had been warned about was going to happen – and there was nothing I could do to stop it.
There was a strange fizzing and popping and crackling sound and Gran seemed to be getting bigger and bigger – as if she was a balloon being blown up. She grew and expanded and grew some more and soon she was huge and green. Then she let out a ferocious roar – shouting ‘I’m Dinothirst!’ at the top of her voice, shattering all the windows.
People ran for cover as Gran rampaged down the street, knocking over lamp posts and squashing cars flat. Things were looking bad. I realised that I was going to need help – and quickly, so I pressed my lucky badge.
Superman, Spiderman and Batman appeared in the street next to me. Superman grabbed me, and we all dived for cover in a shop doorway.
‘What’s happened?’ yelled Spiderman over the noise and the shouting.
‘It’s Gran,’ I yelled back, ‘It’s eleven o’clock!’
‘Oh. Crumbs!’ Superman yelled. ‘Do your best, Batman – Spiderman you come with me, we’ll be back as soon as we can.’
They zoomed off, faster than the fastest light there is, over to Italy. There, Spiderman threw his web around an Italian coffee shop and Superman flew back with it and put it down in the street.
Luckily, Batman knew how to work the coffee machine and he rushed in and started making a cappuccino. As soon as the coffee smell reached the Dinothirst it started to shrink and before you could say ‘something-really-difficult-to-say’, Gran came in the door. She sat down, and Batman gave her the cappuccino.
Spiderman found some of those little biscuits under the counter and we had one each. Batman made Superman, Spiderman and me a milkshake and then Gran and I went and did some more shopping.

I have no idea what the connection is between the story and the picture – have you?

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