As Usual

Oak Flowers - in Spring this Year
Oak Flowers – in Spring this Year

We are back. We have just travelled right down to he other end of the island for Auntie Herberta’s funeral, then all the way back up this end, home. It all happened mid week and, as everyone down there leads very busy lives, there was a chance that, apart from waving to each other at the funeral, we wouldn’t get to see any grandchildren at all. However, our family is nothing if not organised, and we managed a great get-together – thanks kids.
As I’m more mobile now, we went out for a walk together this morning, we took it easy. The Dog was on a retreat while we rushed up and down the country, and she needed extra time to reply to all her posts – and a few trees too.
I had hoped that, as this weekend our clocks do the opposite of whatever they did last time, the first of the autumn leaves would be on show. The wind however, in a very grumpy mood, can’t be bothered to wait for all that nonsense and has stripped most of the trees to their pyjamas and told them to get into bed and stay there.
So, for those of you who currently find yourselves knee-deep in acorns, we have a picture from May of the flowers on our oak trees. When you look at your acorns and ponder on the giant oak trees that may, one day, sprout from them – ponder also on the dictum that has dogged my life, ‘Whenever something has to be done – something else has to be done first’.

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