A Small Diversion

A Diversion
A Diversion

You know how it is. Things happen, and then other things happen. And you wonder why the other things have happened, because we weren’t really used to the things that had happened before yet – they hardly had a chance to settle in, and for us to find out that they weren’t quite as good as things were in the olden days – but we could probably cope. And then these other things come along and, I mean, you really don’t know where you’re up to with it all, do you? It’s been like that for a few weeks now and to be honest – we could use a break.
A few months ago I started learning how to make ebooks. I’d hardly found out how to do it, when the people who do these things, changed everything. Luckily, I’d advanced to the point where I was reasonably sure where square one was, so I was able to find my way back there.
When you’re focusing on something, it’s hard to keep an eye on the weather at the same time, so you dig yourself a nice comfortable hole and you begin to feel a sense of accomplishment, a feeling that when it comes to digging holes, you have the expertise. Then it starts to rain. Before you know it, that hole that you put so much effort into has become just another puddle. Then you find out, these days, everyone is digging their holes upwards.

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