Big lack of Data

Not A Thistle
Not A Thistle

Our days are becoming quite autumn-like. We still have gloriously warm and sunny times, and we try our best to schedule setting out on our daily dawdle to coincide with these – but they are becoming harder to synchronise to. The alternative is a cool, clammy mist, not overly unpleasant, but not that pleasant either. In the mist, our horizon shrinks to a few miles, our mountain vista is replaced by a few fields and hedges and the sun is replaced by a lighter patch of grey in the sky.
The rooks have started their autumn dance, large groups of them wheeling, diving and calling while, every so often, a small guerrilla band break away to harass the buzzards. They have moved their rookery from the woods near the railway crossing, half a mile away, to the woods behind our house. During the nesting and chick-rearing of early Spring this past year, we could hear the racket they made, even at this distance. Having them as near neighbours this coming Spring will be, shall we say – interesting.
Today’s picture represents another feature of autumn. Although it has fluffy seed heads, this is not a thistle. You might think we could identify it by its leaf shape, but the leaves are dried and withered and are now identifiable only as dead leaves. The flowers too, other than that they were yellow, hold no clues.
At this time of year, nature ticks very few boxes on the questionnaire.

4 thoughts on “Big lack of Data

  1. It’s that time of year again! My favorite time of year, by the way. Our oak trees are putting out an abundance of acorns, which is a good sign. Last year I’m not sure if I saw a single acorn. The poor mast crop made it a very difficult winter for the bears and other wildlife.


    1. I must admit a certain fondness for autumn, too – it has a sort of job-well-done self satisfied sort of feel about it, doesn’t it? Glad to know your oak trees have taken their responsibilities seriously this year – of course, they aren’t really grown-up until they get to two hundred or so, so they can be a bit undependable until they are over their teenage angst and lose their acne.

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