Just Ruminating

A Hole In The Hedge
A Hole In The Hedge

You need to be thinking the right kind of thoughts, that’s what I think.
Life is full of hedges. Mostly, they are very nice hedges, neat and green – and we are quite happy to have them around. Now and then, we get to feel a little hemmed in, but generally they give us a sense of security – they keep the cold, hard world away.
There are times when we want security badly and we surround ourselves with extra hedges. After a while, we find that the things that go bump in the night manage to get comfortable, and stop bumping around. However, we do have these nice hedges that took us ages to build, and who knows? The things might start bumping again one day. We come to love our hedges, and we depend on knowing that they are there. We forget why we made them. Our horizons are sufficient, and bounded by the comforting green of our hedges.
Then one day you find a hole in the hedge.
You could be thinking really irritated thoughts – about how hard you worked to make that hedge solid and secure. How lucky it is that you found the hole, and can get it blocked up before, well, before – something, you know.
Or, you might be thinking quite different thoughts, you might stick your head through the hole, and breathe the air from outside.

12 thoughts on “Just Ruminating

  1. A wonderfully wise lesson here, David! And I love that picture. Cows have always struck me as quite curious creatures.


    1. The bunch we have in our field at the moment are a bit like a group of puppies – young, silly and quite loveable – we just have to remember that they don’t understand the damage that half a ton of cow can do to a human – just in fun.
      They broke down the gate to their field the other day, and trampled all over the garden – we phoned the farmer – and I ran down to the gate at the end of our lane to close it and keep them from getting away. I spooked them in my hurry. They promptly leapt over the five foot fence and galloped off down to the bottom of the field. You don’t expect that sort of athletic ability from a dozy cow! And I always though the cow jumped over the moon was just a fantasy.

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      1. There are numerous small farms around here with dairy and beef cows. I’ve seen the calves running around, practically leaping, and you’re right–they’re like big puppies. Meanwhile, the grown cows continue to graze and look at the little ones like they’re being absolutely ridiculous. Kind of like humans, don’t you think? All that energy wasted on the young. 😛 It is hard to imagine grown cows jumping over a five-foot fence, though!

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  2. Hi David, what a wonderful tale, the cows must think they are little jimbuck lambs leaping around all over; maybe thwy had trans-sprecies brain operation or maybe its something they put on the grass.:D

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    1. The funniest thing was, that when they broke the gate and started trampling the lawn and flowers, the minute they saw me they all stopped and just looked at me – they knew they had been caught out doing bad stuff! I got the feeling that if I’d stood there with my hands on my hips they would have all trotted of to sit on their naughty step.


  3. Yes, hedges are good for boundaries, until you don’t want quite so many boundaries. I like the analogy, if that’s what you were making.


    1. Yes – that sort of thing. From the cow’s point of view the hedges are their security, but we build our own hedges, maybe out of a need to feel secure. We need to look beyond the hedges we create for ourselves. Hmm, I’m not sure if that explains things any better – perhaps I should have just said “Yes, that’s exactly right” and shut up.


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