Bugs, Birds and Beetles

Seven Spot LadyBird
Seven Spot Ladybird

Here we have Coccinella septempunctata (I hope). You know how you send Google off with a carefully written shopping list? And he comes back with a bag full of stuff that he found on the half price shelf? And you think to yourself, was he even listening when I explained what I really wanted? Well, I wondered what the connection was between the Coccinella part and red. I mean, you know, which came first, are they Coccinella because they are red or is the red association due the Coccinella? You’ll be pleased to know, that like any good etymological research we wandered round from scarlet, though software, restaurants, grains of corn, and back, without reaching any sort of definitive definition.

However, amongst all the meaningless mumbo-jumbo with which Google fills up the empty spaces in his life, I came upon this little nugget of information. You will all remember Alice’s encounter with the Cheshire Cat, no doubt. Although it isn’t so popular these days ‘grinning like a Cheshire Cat’ still has its advocates. Did you ever wonder just what the fuzzy feline found so funny? The story goes, that the Earl of Chester’s coat of arms contains the snarling head of a wolf. When the coat of arms was rendered as a woodcut, the poor creature ended up looking far more like – you guessed it – a grinning cat.

As I was saying, today’s picture is a Seven Spot Ladybird, all right then, it’s a Seven Spot Ladybug, and before someone, somewhere, gets fractious, I better say it’s a Seven Spot Ladybeetle too. Are male Ladybirds, Laddybirds do you think?

2 thoughts on “Bugs, Birds and Beetles

  1. superb shiot David, i think good old fashioned ladybird just is about right. I have seen the invader 13 spotter in my garden a lot this year plus some black with red spots (2 or three spots), they helped with the aphids!


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