Hazel Catkins - Ahead of Schedule
Hazel Catkins – Ahead of Schedule

Have you ever arranged to transport someone to somewhere? You work backwards from the optimum time of arrival at their destination, say for instance the airport, taking into account the last boarding time. You factor in the number of seats available on the aircraft and calculate from this the likely length of the baggage queue. Next up for consideration is the distance from the car parking area to the airport concourse and the likelihood of there being a luggage trolley either, in close proximity to the only parking space left, or  in a much more inconvenient position.

The distance to be driven is, of course, easy to calculate, but the traffic density varies depending on the time of day. If the journey is of considerable duration you may start out in light driving conditions but the latter part of the drive may consume the major portion of the allotted time. These are issues best resolved in a group discussion, not only for the application of multiple intellects to the problem, but also as a confidence builder, allowing our travellers to feel a part of the planning process. Having agreed this carefully calculated start time, when you arrive, on the appointed day, five minutes early, you find that they have been up since five o’ clock and have been sitting, ready to go, for the last four hours.

I was looking for a hazelnut to show you today, I found these instead. Hazel catkins aren’t due until Spring next year. Why are they sitting – with their bags packed, ready – here, by the front door, now?

8 thoughts on “Planning

  1. Your posts are always delightful, David. I love how you portray the Hazel catkins as travelers who have arrived early. Speaking of which, I’ve seen some beautiful red foliage on a few of the trees here lately. I believe they’re a type of gum tree.


    1. Thanks Miranda.

      When I lived in Africa, all of us, three families, used to go off camping from time to time. My Auntie Ed was always up and ready to leave three or four hours before the time we agreed.

      Then, when we arrived at her house we would all have to wait.

      Because she had been ready so early, she had decided to wash the curtains while she waited – and scrub the kitchen floor – and strip the bedding from the beds – and then just wash the sheets!


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