A Butterfly in the Bush

Small Tortoiseshell Butterfly
Small Tortoiseshell Butterfly

I was thinking that this week, when I showed you this picture of a small tortoiseshell butterfly sitting in a butterfly bush, I would be able to tell you all about the caterpillars – who love nothing better than to munch their way through a patch of nettles.
Then, I thought I would draw your attention, through a tasteful and finely constructed phrase, to the gorgeous, deep colour of the flower. We had bushes with paler flowers earlier in the year and now they seem to be flowering again – but with much more definite colours.
But, now I come to the place in the tale where it is no longer possible to delay the awful moment. I have to choose which spelling of the plants common name to use.
Our critical senses have become totally numb, a simple ‘f” (or even a ‘ff’) sound becomes ‘ough’, ‘ort’ becomes ‘ought’ and ‘w’s and ‘k’s are splattered through written language with gay abandon – and complete lack of any logic, or even just the smallest touch of common sense. You will notice that I have forborne to mention the garden gnomes who, hopefully, have taken this opportunity to pack up and go off to do a little fishing.
Surely, but surely, this has all gone far enough. Buddleia? Buddleja? Pul-eeze!

2 thoughts on “A Butterfly in the Bush

  1. That’s a very appropriate name for the beautiful butterfly, and whatever the plant is called, it sure is gorgeous. We have butterfly bushes here, and the butterflies (obviously) love them. It’s always delightful to see the Eastern tiger swallowtails visiting them. And lucky you–a yeti AND garden gnomes! 😛


  2. The Yeti has a copy of The Compleat Angler that, he says, ‘Somebody dropped.’ He’s become quite fascinated by Izaak Walton – I find him (Izaak, not The Yeti) wordy to the point of incomprehension, personally – so he (The Yeti, not Izaak) has taken to sitting chatting to the gnomes while they fish.

    The bush has grown to block the path leading to the car parking place and sometimes I have to tell the butterflies to ‘Hold tight!’ as I push my way through. They mostly just ignore me – which is why I was able to poke the camera right in that guy’s face.


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