First Bite of the Cherry

Cherries ripening in the sun
Cherries ripening in the sun

Cherry ripe. Cherry ripe. Well, perhaps not yet.
I thought, that as I had let you in at the beginning – remember, we had a picture of the cherry blossom just before it flowered, heralding in the pollen season – I ought to show the fruits of your patience. Unfortunately, not only are they not quite ripe but these particular fruit are high in the tree, well out of easy reach.
Last year we collected half a dozen low hanging fruit and put them in a jar with a couple of spoonfuls of sugar. We also added a covering of brandy, purely for its preservative qualities, of course. We had in mind an autumn treat, with possibly meringue and a few spoonfuls of ice cream – just to keep the cherries from scraping on the bowl.
Life, however, intervened. Have you noticed, it does this often. I think it begins to feel that it’s being ignored and it has to do something dramatic, just to get our attention. I wish it would just cough or clear its throat discretely instead – then we would glance its way and make an effort to include it in the conversation.
Anyway, as I was saying, last year popped in for a quick chat and then hurried off, muttering ‘I must get on!’ and, in all the hustle and bustle, we forgot about the jar of cherries.
Do you think they’re still edible or do you think they’ve gone rotten?

5 thoughts on “First Bite of the Cherry

  1. Cherries are my favorite fruit. Unfortunately, I don’t have any cherry trees, so I buy all mine at the store. And I wouldn’t be brave enough to try that jar of cherries you have left over from last year. Sounds like something only the yeti would be able to stomach. 😛


    1. We had another big handful to start another jar this year so we thought we better try last years first. The cherries, being wild cherries, are small and hard compared to tame ones. Soaking in the brandy hasn’t altered that, so the cherries haven’t absorbed much and still have the bitter cherry taste that the fresh picked ones have – but the brandy has a beautiful cherry flavour – we shoshed a teaspoonful (or two) on the ice cream we used to try the cherries with – mmmm lovely. – So this year we are going to put more brandy in the jar!


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