Keep On Keeping On

UnionOfSouthAfrica - Cumbrian Mountains Tour
UnionOfSouthAfrica – Cumbrian Mountains Tour

Soon, things will quieten down and I won’t have so much to choose from each week. Hopefully, I will be able to show you some on the pictures we’ve taken over the last month or so while the natural world has been going at full tilt. There is a nice picture of the rabbit warren where I thought I glimpsed someone sitting outside in the sun, I pointed and clicked, just in case – and the picture turned out to have five rabbits in when I looked at it later.

Then, there are a couple of the flowers that Dr Edward Bach used to make his flower essences from, White Chestnut for people who find their thoughts stray off topic too easily and who need to focus and Oak for people who face a long struggle against the odds to win through. A bit like The Little Engine Who Could.

Which brings me on to the excitement of this week, firstly our cows have returned from their winter sojourn to the lap of luxury. I have to confess, with apologies to any bovine reading this, but I don’t recognise any of them. Jackie assures me that they are the same cows though, so that’s that. Secondly, and of much greater import, a real train on our line.

Our embankment is part of the long climb out of Carlisle, over the top, to Newcastle – I’m sure that a few drops of Oak wouldn’t have come amiss.

11 thoughts on “Keep On Keeping On

  1. That’s a fantastic picture, David! Looks like beautiful countryside there. Your comment about the cows reminded me of a tidbit I read regarding those gentle creatures, that they can recognize up to 70 other cows in their herd. And you really must share the picture of the rabbit warren at some point. The flowers are in bloom here, including the rhododendrons!


    1. Keep a look out – He has the link to your blog – he may want to check out your rhododendrons!
      Cows aren’t always gentle – the guy who owns the corner cows (not this bunch) has just spent three days in hospital after having had sharp words with one of his – luckily just badly bruised – no broken bones.
      It is beautiful countryside! And even more amazing – that’s the view from my window. We work hard appreciating it every day.


    1. I’ll try and squeeze the bunnies into the schedule – it was a bit of serendipity really – I just pointed and clicked at something I thought moved and was surprised to find a photo full of rabbits when I got home.

      My sister (that’s her in the comment below – at ) is the one who knows all about the flower essences, and some has rubbed off on me. Edward Bach insisted that they had to be made from flowers that grew here in England so they haven’t really taken the world by storm. I think there are people trying to do the same thing in the US and Australia – but the originals are the ones that actually work.

      But hey! Don’t be too hard on the lad – lacking focus is what being 12 is all about – or 13, or 14, or 15 or . . .
      (As an aside I seem to remember that I was about 32 before it all came together for me. My poor parents!)


      1. David,

        Poor son of mine, I’m sure I’m too hard on him, but he’s the eldest. It’s his lot in life. The school gives him trouble, too, but I expect he’ll be alright in the long run. I’m pretty proud of his many good qualities, though I won’t embarrass him by listing them.

        32, huh? That would be a long time to wait. LOL

        Isn’t that just like a Brit to claim it only works with British plants. LOL Well, we Americans have our own wily ways. 😉

        If I miss the rabbit warren in my reader, I hope you’ll give me a nudge. I would hate to miss it!

        Hugs, Brenda


  2. Love the picture of the train and all the green. We have white chestnut everywhere down here, but I haven’t seen any oak yet. So, much keep a watchful eye.


  3. Lovely picture the train chugging along in the green flora makes one feel so calm and peaceful. Thanks for the share.


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