Crisis Management

Crab Apple
Crab Apple

I’m sorry if I’m a bit blurry today – I’ve just spent a fantastic day at a Social Media Strategy workshop run by Keith McMean, so this evening my head is buzzing with all that went on and I’m finding it hard to stay in focus. Talking about staying focused – have a look at today’s photo. Well, I’m sure you remember our cows went off for a quiet and restful few months at the end of last year. We are expecting them back any day now the weather has warmed up, and the grass, having got its act together, is now calf high.

Now, a fully grown bovine has considerable mass and, while they are not generally aggressive, they do not like dogs. So, The Dog and I allow them to lead separate lives and we don’t go into the field when they are around. As I’m sure you can guess, we have taken the opportunity of their absence to check on the flora and fauna along the beck at the bottom of the field. The fauna turned out to be, particularly nimble, rabbits – much to The Dog’s frustration. The flora turned out to be much more interesting.

Apple trees, growing wild, tend to cross pollinate. This means, if you find a group of them in wood or hedge – they could be anything. Down by our beck we have a single Crab Apple tree – so we know it is a Crab Apple.

Crab Apple is the flower essence recommended by Dr Edward Bach for the treatment of those who act completely out of character – due to stresses and strains in their life.

Hence our title.

9 thoughts on “Crisis Management

  1. I just love reading your posts, David–I always learn something new! I had no idea that crab apples cross pollinate. (And now I’m wondering if I should try some of that crab apple essence.)


    1. Well, maybe – see my sister’s comment above, she’s into flower power – You’d have to be careful in case it took the ‘edge’ off your writing though. But a couple of drops once something is finished, might help to clear your mind – ready for the next project. Her web site is if you want to dabble in that sort of thing – they’re good for all sorts of stuff – you don’t even have to ‘weird’ to take them.


      1. Ah, I doubt anything could mellow me out enough to take the edge off my writing. It would be nice not to feel so frazzled all the time though! I’ll be sure to check out her site.


  2. Also Crab Apple is the cleanser – of mind as well as body. The flowers turn pink once they are pollinated, and I can’t decided whether the pink of the flower above, is because its been pollinated, or is it a ‘rogue’ tree, establishing its individuality, and so has white flowers with pink stripes?


  3. LOL Jeez, I should have worn a suit of Crab Apple blossoms in my former corporate career. Maybe it would have helped with the crazy-making from all the stress! Who knew? hahah 🙂 Thank you for posting. Great topic!


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