Cherry Aid

Nascent Cherry Blossom
Nascent Cherry Blossom

Each year, about this time the cherry trees blossom. Cherry blossom means Japan, of course. In Japan they are in two minds about it. The arrival of the cherry blossom heralds the arrival of the hay fever season. While the cherry blossom is the most obvious culprit, it isn’t the main source of the pollen. Most comes from the Japanese Cedar and Japanese Cypress trees that were planted in their thousands as part of the reconstruction and rebuilding programme after the war. The pollen from these two trees  is maximised once the tree reaches the ripe old age of thirty. Most of the trees are now thirty to forty years old and well into the swing of it.

At this time of year a range of ‘anti-hay fever’ products appear – after all, on a nice day who wouldn’t want to picnic in the park amongst the cherry blossom. This year, the most popular seems to be a sort of bee keeper helmet, with a small battery powered fan in the top that draws in air through a filter. I presume that the air in Japan, realises that it isn’t supposed to come in through the gauze covering your face, and makes its way round to the fan independently – perhaps there are signs showing the correct path.

Our cherry trees, down by the beck, are doing their best. Every time we pass that way we stop and have a chat. Obviously, we’re concerned that all these negative vibes may put them off.

We’ve taken to passing on those ‘inspired quotes’ that litter the Internet every time we’re round that way.  Today we tried ‘It doesn’t matter if the glass is half full or half empty – as long as you have a glass with something in it’. I’m not sure if it hit the spot, though.

5 thoughts on “Cherry Aid

  1. The pollen (and accompanying allergies) are here, so it must be spring–finally! I love the cherry blossoms. They’re blooming here right now, and I only wish their beautiful blossoms weren’t so fleeting.


    1. There were a few actually in flower in the sheltered corners when we walked that way today – another couple of days and they should all be in flower. We’ve had four ot five warm sunny days so I think that’s brought them out – back to grey, cold and raining today though.
      It is deffffffinitely spring though – the warm days are really warm – we just need more of them!


      1. It’s turned off cold here, too, but at least it’s sunny. And last week it got up to 87 degrees here! Way too hot for early April. Now the temperature is more normal for this time of year. At least the snow seems to be gone for good!


      2. At this time of year we probably have to be thankful for small mercies.
        We didn’t get much snow at all (perhaps I should change that to haven’t had much snow – we have had a freak snow shower in June before!) this year but it has just rained and rained! Everything is very soggy.


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