Dunnock - Singing - It Must Be Spring
Dunnock – Singing – It Must Be Spring

Isn’t Spring a strange word. It must be one of those words that have their roots far back, at the beginnings of speech. You know, just when we had begun to tolerate our teenagers going round saying “Ugh” to each other (and all the thirty and forty something-s had started saying it too – just to prove that they were not really getting old) someone, somewhere comes out with “Spring”. Now, IMHO, all of us who thought we knew where we were up to, are back to having no idea what’s going on, LOL.

Spring, the kind you find sandwiched between winter and summer, not the kind that bounces around, or the kind that is coiled up and used for beds, or even the place where the water gushes out of the ground, has had one try at getting started so far. We had Im Bolg around February 4th. You know, writing was developed as a way of recording the sounds we make – as words, if I tell you that Im Bolg is actually pronounced im molk and it refers to the approximate date that ewe’s come into milk, can you remember how long it is since you had a bolg shake?

Here we are at March 1st and Spring is going to have another go at starting. If all else fails there is still the vernal equinox on March 20th (in most places – might sneak over into 21st in some places) but that really is the last chance.

Some can’t wait while Spring phaffs about, though. This Dunnock, singing his heart out on the hedge as we walked past today, has obviously become impatient with dates and times and has decided to just get on with it.

9 thoughts on “Spring

  1. Lovely post, as usual, David! I think many of us feel like that Dunnock and just want to get on with it. It has been a long winter, and while spring is beautiful here, it’s even more fleeting than fall. Seems like winter encroaches too much on the first part, and then the last of it is swallowed up by hot and humid summer. I hope your spring is wonderful!


    1. Nice sunny day today, but cold. It did feel as if spring was in the air, though.

      Do you not have the ocean currents to moderate the climate a bit? – I thought Virginia had a sea coast. Or is that somewhere else I’m thinking of – geography is a bit rusty – I managed all right until they started changing the names of everywhere – We should make all revolutionaries promise not to change the name of the country and its capital – before they’re allowed to start shooting anyone.


      1. Cold here too! Doesn’t feel like the first day of March.

        Virginia does have a sea coast, but I live too far inland to be influenced by it much. And David, this state has been named Virginia since 1607, and it was named after your Virgin Queen. The capital has been changed a few times, though. 🙂


      1. Crazy busy, yes, but I just haven’t managed to be in my reader at the right time I guess. I will come visit. 🙂


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