Time to Bow Wow Out


The Dog sends her apologies – she’s too busy to continue to write the blog. I suspect that she has found, as I did, that winter is a tough time for bloggers. I had a quick look at what we were talking about this time last year. There seemed to be a sprinkling of snow in the pictures, which we’ve avoided so far this year.

Like last year we have a sprinkling of snowdrops along the drive and in surprising places – under hedges and pushing up through the brown and grey leaf mould where you least expect it.

Last January I mentioned Ulysses or Odysseus, who was advised by Hermes to hold a snowdrop, as protection against Circe’s enchantments, while negotiating with her for the return of his crew. She had turned them into pigs and he needed men to row his boat, pigs are nice enough in their own way, but they’re not very good sailors. Hermes also advised him that if he was grumpy and waved his sword around (still holding the snowdrop), Circe would suggest that they should calm down and have a nice little cuddle and talk things over like adults. If he did this, keeping a firm grip on the flower, he would easily be able to turn his pigs back into men, he would defeat all her enchantments and she would be under his control.

There are plenty of books of dating advice, available for download from that literature purveyor in the rain forest – but perhaps Ulysses, or Hermes come to that, weren’t big readers.

5 thoughts on “Time to Bow Wow Out

  1. We will certainly miss the Dog, but I’m glad you’re continuing with the blog, David. We have a bit of snow on the ground here. A few hours of sun and temperatures above freezing would make quick work of it, but it’s too cold right now.


    1. She hasn’t gone far and no doubt will continue to comment from the end of her tether.

      They keep promising us snow – but I think snow is just too much trouble so we have to put up with the usual boring rain.


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