Cold Turkey


Well, another week when we have concentrated on lying on the sofa coughing. We did go out a few times but his heart just isn’t in it. I really don’t understand what he sees in all this coughing and groaning. He went to the Dogtor, he’s finished taking the pills, surely he must be better by now? What he needs is a good long walk in the our fresh, bracing, recently washed in the rain and hung out to dry in the wind, air. I’ve tried, believe me I’ve tried – but he just won’t listen. Oh well, I’ve done my best.

As a side effect of all this sloth, the best picture we have this week is this interloper in the garden. If I’d known he was there, I’d have laid him by the heels! I’ve been told to tell you, that although he is now found all over the world, originally he came from Turkey. Turkey normally comes with roast potatoes and Yorkshire puddings and gravy, round here. To which, I might add, I am particularly partial. But. Beware! There is erroneous information being circulated, I suspect by turkeys and their evil allies, that such delicacies are ‘Not Good For Dogs‘. I have yet to meet a dog (and I’ve met quite a few) who subscribes to this belief. On the contrary, I can assure you that a plateful of leftovers from any such meal is a welcome and healthy addition to every dog’s diet.

Just go easy on the sprouts, will you.

7 thoughts on “Cold Turkey

  1. Oh, no! So sorry to hear that you’re still sick, David. I think another trip to the doctor is in order at this point. I do love the photo you shared–what a regal looking bird!


    1. Thanks – I’m much better – it’s getting harder and harder to sound convincing when I cough. The sympathy is ebbing fast. There’s even been a mention of some shelves that need to be put up – I doubt if I can stretch it out much longer. Glad you liked the picture.


      1. Yes, David, I’m afraid you’ve milked this one for about all it’s worth. 😉 Glad you’re feeling better.


  2. Feel better, David. If my Mom was alive, she would recommend Castor Oil – Yuck! Maybe you should do as Miranda says and make “another trip to the doctor.” Praying for you.


    1. Hi and thanks for the (your Mom’s) good advice.

      As a child I was regularly dosed with malt and cod liver oil – which no doubt accounts for my many strange ways!

      Still, mustn’t complain – it’s got me this far. Although I suspect that that is due more to my Mom’s good advice than the cod liver oil.



  3. get well soon, David, to add to the list of remedies – honey and vinegar..the vinegar is a good anticeptic, and the honey has some good properties somewhere – soothing the throat. now if you have read danny boy, the raisin with the horse hair will ground the old pheasant….yum yum with roast pots.. i have never tried pheasant, a tad extravagant than turkey. 😀


    1. For someone’s birthday we went to the sort of place where they serve exotic stuff and pheasant was on the menu in red wine and red berry sauce – it was delicious even though I’m not generally a fan of ‘game’. I’m more pie and chips, me.


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