Ahead of Schedule

Daffodil In A Hurry
Daffodil In A Hurry

This has been a pretty sedentary week. He has just been lying on the sofa (in my place, I might add) barking his head off. If I barked like that there would be uncomplimentary comments all round I can tell you (postman excepted, of course). We’ve been trying to get him to go to the Dogtor but to no avail – until yesterday. It doesn’t seem to have helped much, except that he is now much more smug about his coughing.

He spends his lucid moments complaining about how frustrating it is to be stuck there on his back while the rest of the world is getting on with it – and checking that the trains that run along the embankment keep to the timetable. The strange weather seems to have settled down, although I probably ought to say that very quietly, we don’t want to start it off again, now. The ferocious winds of last weekend and the early part of the week, and the driving rain and hail they brought with them, seem to have dwindled. At least the wind has dwindled to a more normal icy blast and the rain and hail now fall vertically instead of horizontally. With a little patch of blue sky and a smidgen of sunlight it seems quite spring-like. Until you go outside, that is.

He wanted you to see this picture of the daffodils along the road. It’s only the first few days of January and they are up and running. He hopes they know what they are doing and it doesn’t turn out that they are “too ‘asty” – see below for translation

4 thoughts on “Ahead of Schedule

  1. Just imagine it was freezing (9 degrees around 6:00 a.m.) here in the southern part of the USA at the start of the week. I was much colder in other areas of the country. Now on today, one local business’ marquee read 60 degrees! Wow, that is a big change.


    1. ‘They’ say all that freezing stuff is heading our way – I hope the daffs survive!

      Thanks for the comment – nice to know what’s going on over there.



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