Shaggy Ink Cap
Shaggy Ink Cap

Well, here’s a fine thing. We promised faithfully to post a blog every Friday and after two tries we failed miserably. Oh well. Better late than never, I suppose. All I can say in our defence is that he has been very busy. So moving swiftly on. We found this growing at the side of the road the other day.

Now, when it comes to which direction our daily ramble takes from our gate, we usually alternate, one day turning right the next left. This makes the decision so much simpler, because if we turned right yesterday then we turn left this morning and vice versa, of course. If you follow this thought through to its logical conclusion, you will be able to calculate that we would pass any specific spot every other day. This is mostly true, although we do sometimes forget and go the same way on two successive days by accident.

The important point here is that by the time we came past this chap for the second time he had disappeared. We spent some time peering into the grass up and down that part of the verge, and eventually we came across a lonely stalk surrounded by a black mush. This is apparently what is supposed to happen.

He’s a Shaggy Ink Cap, a Lawyer’s Wig or a Shaggy Mane. The Ink in Shaggy Ink Cap really means ink, as that is what the black mush was used for – before we found something else to fill ball point pens with.

He is edible but you have to be pretty quick on your feet – the cap starts to become liquid within an hour of being picked.

You better put the bread in the toaster before you go mushroom picking then.

2 thoughts on “Ooops!

  1. oops indeed! 🙂 I’ve seen some in the woods nearby my neighborhood but nobody pick them up or eat them… 🙂
    – – –
    glad to have come across your awesome blog… my very best, tons of inspiration and friendly greetings from Toulouse, France! Have a sunny day and a formidable week! cheers! 🙂 Mélanie


    1. Hi Melanie – I asked Google about them – he was the one who told me they were edible – he also mentioned that they don’t have much of a taste! All in all they seem a bit of a waste of time really.


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