The Birth of The Dog Blog

The Dog
The Dog

First, I better explain that he is busy over at the new place. In spite of the fact that we are only going to write to you once a week, we still go out for our walk every day. And we still spend most of our walk standing around in completely uninteresting places while he clambers around amongst the brambles of the verge. If I try to do a little investigating of something truly important, he just gets impatient and drags me off quite unceremoniously.

I had a look at the photos he has taken while we’ve been incommunicado this week, and to be honest, I couldn’t really see anything that would make your sitting reading this in any way entertaining. In the end I settled for a picture of me. I don’t particularly like having my picture taken and I certainly do not like having my picture taken wearing that idiotic blue raincoat, but other than my photo it was down to some leaves, a helicopter or a train, oh, and there were a few photos of horses and sheep. Really, who would be interested in horses or sheep.

I ask you?

As you can see from the picture there will be a new tone to our weekly message while I’m in charge – things will be much more down to earth.

Don’t expect any helicopters from me!

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