Mustn’t Grouse


Hi there over in America – this one’s for you. We found him working as a hedge along a couple of fields, and he asked us if we would mention him to the people back home. He’s settled in quite nicely, thank you, and he’s finding that the locals are just plain folks and easy to get along with. Snowberry or Waxberry are the names he goes by around here.

We live on the border between England and Scotland and this part of Britain has seen its share of strife. The Romans tried to stop it by building a wall, when the Romans left, the local chieftains banded together to fight off the Saxons for a couple of hundred years. Just to the north of where we live is a road, known locally as The Military Road, it was constructed to enable English troops to be moved rapidly to quench the fires of the Jacobite rebellion. For centuries the families of the borders have raided and robbed, attacked and ambushed each other with brutal efficiency. Several of the clans were wiped out to the last man, woman and child.

Our plant’s other name is Ghostberries. The berries provide sustenance to poor wandering wraiths. With all the unpleasantness we’ve seen around here over the centuries there must be plenty of those around.

They’ll have to share though, Grouse are very fond of them too.

4 thoughts on “Mustn’t Grouse

    1. I just worry that they’ll dribble the juice down their fronts and need to put themselves through the washing machine – be OK with a cool wash and a short spin, I guess – otherwise they’d need pressing – you don’t know any fairies who take in ironing do you? I presume only the more modern ones will be non-iron.


      1. I’m told brownies used to iron. I don’t know if they ironed ghosts… Surely modern ghosts are treated with teflon and wrinkle-free even after a monsoon. 😉


  1. I’m sure yours do – but ours tend to be a little straight-laced and conservative and don’t hold with all that modern stuff – Linen or wool will be what you’ll see on most ghosts round here – it was good enough for their fathers and their fathers before them . . .

    Looks like you’ve found a niche market for an entrepreneurial Brownie. I wondered if the ghosts would be ticklish. Might need a Brownie with a sense of humour.

    I was thinking of Mrs Tiggy-Winkle with all the ghosts pegged out on her line to dry?


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