Helicopter Seed and Feather
Helicopter Seed and Feather

The wind has decided that enough is enough, and it is time these leaves stopped hanging on to their mother’s apron strings. It has the nasty cold edge we have been expecting for the last few days. Interestingly the grey murky skies have cleared and we have a nice clean blue sky with fluffy white clouds scurrying around in it. There has been a bit of a mix up in the ordering system again, by the look of things.

Leaves and seeds are flying around, huddling in little piles in sheltered corners, trying to get out of the chilly draught. We had thought that most of our acorns had fallen and had been round raking them up off the lawn, but this morning the lawn has a fresh coat. The wind is shaking the oak trees so hard in fact, that quite a few larger chunks have come loose and they are now sitting there, waiting for me to collect them up and put them, with their relatives from last year, in the wood store.

The other thing the rough edge on the wind has done, is to make us value the sheltered spots on out route. There is still a welcome warmth in the sun and those parts of our walk shielded from the icy blast are jogging our memory. There are places that last winter were milestones in our travels as they provided a little relief from the weather, it’s all coming back to us now.

Today, we found this guy in one of those comfort stops, I’m just not sure if using a feather to help you fly is cheating – or maybe a sign of entrepreneurial spirit.

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