Watch Out

Rooks On Guard
Rooks On Guard

Through the village and past the village green and past the post box, we could hear the racket. A large number of rooks were swirling around above the trees that hosted last years rookery, making more noise, and with a greater decibel output, than a kinder-garden classroom full of excited youngsters waiting for the bus to take them on a school trip. We were going in that direction so we hurried along, to The Dog’s annoyance, to see what was going on. It is in the autumn that the young rooks congregate to dance with the winds and general show off before pairing up for the spring. It certainly isn’t nest building time.

Well, we reached the part of the road that goes through the tunnel created by the trees that support the nests and the sky was full of swirling birds. Even as we watched more groups of birds came diving in to give their support to whatever was happening. It could have been a football match, or a closing down sale. It could have been that a well known fruitier had announced a new handset. We watched in amazement.

Then we noticed that mixed up in the swirling mass, were the buzzards. There didn’t seem to be any attempt to attack them, it really just seemed like deliberate harassment. This went on for nearly ten minutes and then the rooks flew off and settled in trees a few hundred yards away.

Just teenage bravado, I suspect.

11 thoughts on “Watch Out

  1. I’m always intrigued and amused by corvids, they’re such intelligent birds. If you’re a reader and are interested in corvids..which I’m assuming you might be considering the fair amount of posts on them :), you might want to pick up Corvus by Esther Woolfson. It’s a delightful read.


    1. Thanks for visiting – It’s not so much that I’m interested in them (although I agree they are very intelligent) It is that they make so much noise, they quite dominate the area.


  2. Round where I live, we have many Jackdaws – like Rooks, very social and intelligent. One day there was the mother of all cat fights (not sexist terminology, two cats were fighting). They were yowling and screaming and hissing and repeatedly jumping at one another, clashing in mid-air and somersaulting to the ground.

    About thirty Jackdaws lined up on the rooftops to watch, clacking excitedly to one another.


    1. You didn’t notice which of the Jackdaws was taking the money as they placed their bets, did you? Jackdaws being well know hoarders, I wonder if anyone managed to collect their winnings.


      1. Yes, they did look just like a crowd at the races. Well, since Jackdaw society is hierarchical but fluid with individuals gaining and losing, the winnings might have been in terms of social standing: “You see him? He predicted the result of that cat-fight!”


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