Are They Sure about This

Pink Footed Geese Flying South
Pink Footed Geese Flying South


Sometimes when it rains, we get normal rain. It sloshes down in drops, blown by the wind in whichever direction has been specified by the weather department. These drops can vary in size from occasional splats to solid sheets but they are still – plain rain. Other times it seems as if we are actually inside the rain cloud and the entire world is wet. There are drops of water involved but they don’t seem to be actually falling, more just hanging around waiting for you to bump into them. The whole world is grey and damp, and I have often wondered if the rain drops are actually created by moving through the mist and causing small whirlpools as you go. When we have real rain, the sky is low and dark. When we have the virtual rain the sky can be quite light – depending on the depth of cloud, often you can see the ghostly form of the sun through the soggy atmosphere. It was like that today.

On our way back up the hill from the beck, suddenly, there was the sound of fifty barn doors being swung open on rusty hinges high overhead. Looking up we saw the silhouette of a formation of geese – heading south.

We have reason to believe that they are Pink Footed Geese. They’ve been in Spitsbergen consorting with Reindeer, Polar Bears, Arctic Foxes, Whales and Walruses and they are now headed for Martin Mere, just outside Southport.

I’ve been to Southport, I hope they aren’t too disappointed.

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