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Hawthorn Berries
Hawthorn Berries

As I sit here writing this, the sun is shining and the wind, while still quite blustery, is nothing like the howling gale we had earlier in the day. I don’t have to tell you do I, that earlier in the day, as The Dog and I set out for our circadian constitutional, the sky was so low that it needed the washing line prop to keep it from dragging on the ground. It was also a very unattractive grey, they need to look into which washing powder they are using up there – it certainly isn’t making their whites whiter.

The rain was busy watering the plants first thing this morning so, by common agreement The Dog and I put off our exercise – ‘until later, when it clears up’. Well, later happened and the rain was replaced by a sort of heavy mist, so we thought we had better make a run for it while the going was good. We made ready for a quick dash down to the beck to check that the water was still following our instruction to make its way downstream. Outside, we found the trees very grumpy, with the wind pushing and shoving them about, calling them rude names and throwing handfuls of last years leaves around. The Dog suddenly remembered that there was something she wanted to watch on television, but I insisted.

We made it back just before the rain came down in bucketfuls but we did manage to get a quick pic of some Hawthorn Berries for you. Very good for your heart, you know.

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