Is It Me

Blackbird on the Weathervane
Blackbird on the Weathervane

We were pottering along, as we do most days, just taking our time and giving The Dog ample opportunity to smell the ‘roses’. At the beck we confirmed that a stick thrown in on the upstream side will appear on the downstream side of the bridge. It’s good to keep these things under observation you know. The first sign that we have entered an alternate reality, a black hole or even a different dimension, could be that the water in the beck flows up the slope. Perhaps even, that the water continues to flow downstream but the sticks float upstream.

Leaving the beck in this reality, we wandered on down through the tunnel of trees, on towards the corner with the bungalow. This tree tunnel would be an ideal place to have a wormhole through to a fifth dimension, if fifths seem a bit passe perhaps we could twirl into a seventh or a ninth.

As we approached the corner we noticed a Blackbird sitting on the weathervane on the bungalow, doing all the head up tail high, Blackbird things. Fiddling with the camera lense cover and settings as we hurried forward, we stopped at the end of the trees and framed the perfect picture. As the electrons in the camera microprocessor, moving at the speed of the rather slow light we have in this dimension, began to record the scene – you’ve guessed it – the wretched Blackbird flew away.

What is the matter with people these days – they are just so impatient. Why couldn’t he have just waited another second or so?

2 thoughts on “Is It Me

  1. i call it the ange effect, its either the wind blows and the flower head moves at critical shutter release, or the bee moves or whatever, and then, if I go into an empty shop about 10 people folow me in! I like the blurred motion, the bird on flight


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