mush Rooms to Let


Once upon a time a little elf, called Beech Leaf, lived in a tall Plane Tree at the side of a busy main road. He worked hard at his tree pushing at the old flakes of bark until they dropped of the tree trunk. Because the road was so busy, the bark of the tree very quickly became covered in soot from the car exhausts. It was quite hard, keeping the tree looking at its best, but he enjoyed his work and his tree looked so smart, he was very proud of it.

Suddenly, a gang of men appeared and chopped down all the trees and made a parking place for big trucks instead. His life was turned upside down – he was homeless and out of work! But he wiped his eyes, blew his nose and told himself that crying never solved anything and decided he would go to the country for a week or so and see if he felt any better in the nice fresh air.

In the country he found an old mushroom with a ‘Rooms to Let’ sign up and knocked at the door. The sweetest little fairy he had ever seen popped her head out of an upstairs window “Down in a mo” she called and next minute she opened the door. Suddenly he felt quite shy, she was so pretty! “Have you come to fix the phone?” she asked. He shook his head “The Gas? The Electricity? The drains? The water?” she asked before he had time to reply.
“No. The room.” he managed to blurt out.
“Oh,” she said and her face fell, “I’m afraid I’ve just moved in and everything is in such a muddle and actually,” she paused and bit her lip and gave him such a sweet smile, “that sign is left over from the previous owners.”
“Oh,” said Beech Leaf sadly.

“I am quite good at cleaning,” he added hopefully “I’ve just lost my job so I don’t have anything to do now, so I would love to help you put everything to rights.”
“Are you sure?” the sweet little fairy asked and Beech Leaf nodded “Oh, how kind you are.” she said, “Come on in and I’ll show you round”

I’m sure I don’t have to tell you or Brenda that they lived happily ever after – do I?

3 thoughts on “mush Rooms to Let

  1. Love it! How did I miss it? And I got no pingback with your link or I would have investigated! I’m so glad you stopped by and brought it to my attention. It’s a lovely story. Shall I reblog? I love the title, by the way, so endearing!


    1. Why thank you – but rather than re-blog why don’t you do your version – I’m sure my mushroom would be better served by your twinkly ideas – perhaps reuse the title? Or something completely different? You know – share and multiply – rather than just share (and anyway I’d love to read your side of the story)
      Write what came into your mind when you read it – let the unconscious vibes spread out through the universe – You can tell I’m reading too many of those arty blogs, can’t you!


      1. I’m happy to do my own version. 🙂 Let me know whether I should use that picture or a different one. 🙂


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