Oak Corn


If you’ve been following our daily ramblings, of a pedestrian, both physical and written, nature, you will know that I felt aggrieved that the oak trees in the wood behind the house, didn’t seem to be in any hurry to flower in spring this year. I wouldn’t like you to think that this failure to take their responsibilities seriously was widespread in our area, and so today we have a picture of some acorns, from the trees just up the road from us.

I prodded around on Google to see what he knew about acorns and oaks. I wondered, for instance if acorns were edible. Once again, we find ourselves in, you can eat it – but why bother, territory. It seems, in those olden days that we find so valuable for this sort of discussion, acorns were mostly fed to the pigs. This was a more convenient way for humans to eat acorns, as eating them directly was a labour intensive hassle.

William Redhawk over at siouxme.com, offers this advice if you are collecting acorns. If the acorn is lying around on the floor without its cup in early autumn, it is probably because it has a worm in and the worm wriggling around is what has pulled the acorn out of the cup. When the acorns are ripe they fall from the tree complete with their little cups.

Then it’s just a matter of drying it, shelling it, grinding it, leeching the tannins out of the flour and you’re good to go.

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