Wood Pigeon
Wood Pigeon

Wood Pigeons, here in the UK, have the dubious honour of appearing on the list of game birds that it is legal, for those who go in for that sort of thing, to shoot. I must say that I am not overwhelmed by these pigeon’s intelligence and I can only put the increase in their population, shown in the latest statistics, down to good luck. Or possibly the security through obscurity that everyone is so fond of. It has also occurred to me that, as the Wood Pigeon is smaller than things like Pheasant and Grouse, it may just be that those people who shoot at things, prefer to shoot at things that are big enough to be able to hit, without having to be a particularly good shot. This would mean that the Wood Pigeon relies on insignificance – rather than obscurity, either way, there seem to be a great many, no doubt grateful, pigeons about.

I had thought to find you a recipe for pigeon pie, just in case your Wood Pigeons ever became an agricultural pest, but the one I found was so complicated and needed so many pigeons I gave up on the idea. It was one of those fashionable ‘Haute Cuisine‘ sort of recipes, and reading through it, I just couldn’t believe that real people would go to that much trouble for a mere pigeon.

The Cumberland Sauce looked very nice, though.

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