In my day

Seen Better Days
Seen Better Days

I found him sitting by the side of the road, old, ragged, with every minute of his age showing. He had led a hard life, that much was immediately obvious, and yet there was that something about him that was hard to define, was it his self assurance?  His self possession? Perhaps his air of having been there and done that and now only waiting for them to make the video. His bucket list completed, he somehow gave the impression that he could have easily added many more items to it, but he couldn’t really find anything that he felt strongly enough about, to feel that it was worth adding.

Tattered and worn, but how content. His life may not have taken him to the pinnacle of success. He probably didn’t notice his most important successes. He was too busy with life, with the cut and thrust of day to day living, to be overly concerned with whether he had won or lost. Perhaps it was this, the simple satisfaction that his life had brought him. Perhaps the knowing that his needs were few and easily requited gave him that air of completeness, of having tried it all and of having finally arrived at that understanding that transcends the drive and stress of youth.

All that matters is that you try your best.

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