A Triumphant Return


When you walk up through the village, past the building that once housed the post office, but which now seems to have been converted into a very comfortable home, there is quite a steep dip in the road. In fact, in miserable weather, there can be quite a wind blowing hail, sleet or snow, depending on which setting they have it switched to ‘up there’, outside the post office. Just a few yards farther on and you drop down into a calm and sheltered little oasis. The trouble is, of course that you can’t just stop there, you have to carry on ahead and climb out the other side of the dip or turn round climb out the way you have come and face whatever slings and hailstones outrageous fortune had chosen to grace your journey with. At the bottom of the dip, on each side of the road, stood a row of trees, that in the dim and distant past had probably been a hedge.

Around the turn of the year, while there isn’t that much farming to be done, the farmers turn to tidying up and sorting out the ravages of a year’s hard labour. Fences are mended hedges are trimmed things get painted, gravelled, lubricated and generally given all the care and attention that they missed out on while stuff was growing.

This year the row of trees on one side of the dip was cut back – hard. But life goes on.

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