Up Late


It’s been very hot lately, so The Dog, Jackie and I went for a walk in the evening. I took a few pictures of the sunset. When I moved the photos on to the computer, I noticed that I had taken most of them at around ten thirty, that’s quite late for the sun to still be up. I wonder if he was sitting reading and forgot to keep an eye on the time? It happens to all of us, you know. He probably thought that he’d just read to the end of this chapter, then just a few pages of the next one – and before you know it, it was nearly midnight and he needs to be up early these days. I hope he has a bookmark. I’d hate to think he is one of those people who mark their place by folding the corner of the page over.

It’s the angle of the earth’s axis that has him working so hard. If it would just stand up straight then everything would be equal and he’d be able to rise and set at a decent hour of the day. And what about sundials? They need their springs wound extra tight to make it through a twenty hour day you know. I had a sundial that doubled as a bird table, although not of its own choice, I’ll admit. The top part, with the clock face, was loose, so it could be adjusted until it showed the right time. That may be lucky. The earth’s axis wobbles around, swinging from one extreme to the other over a period of forty one thousand years. We’ve been up the one end recently and now we’re on our way back.

Don’t set your watch by it – your sundial may not be showing the correct time.

4 thoughts on “Up Late

    1. Yes, we’d had a few clouds around during the day so we had a nicer sunset than we had when we had the cloudless days previously. You’re on the top of the world, same as me aren’t you? So you must be in your summer too. Isn’t this the time of year you have your forest fires? I haven’t heard of any lately – so I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you.


      1. Yes we are in summer, there aren’t any fires yet but they normally happen around this time, I live next to the Napa Valley, so the fire crew burns anything that could start a fire.


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