Simon Says

Cow Weather Vane
Cow Weather Vane

This is such a silly game that you can’t really take it seriously. I mean, Simon says put your hands up, so you put your hands up, but unless Simon says you can put them down you better keep your hands up. It’s really strange to think that it has been played for, probably, two thousand years. There is a game recorded  in Latin called Cicero Says, well, in rough translation. Cicero was a very powerful figure in history and wrote copiously so his writing featured in education at a time that Latin was the language of education. I can’t imagine that someone with a well known name didn’t give the commands even before Cicero’s time.

It is possible that some ancient deity (I wonder if there is a female form of the word deity?) gave the orders way back in the stone age, but I doubt it. Although there must have been periods when the influence of religion crumbled to the level it stands at today, I can’t see Gods and Goddesses wanting all their worshippers to put their finger on their nose. Periods of low regard for religion generally spawn a rash of newcomers too, and I can see that that would be a very quick way to loose your congregation.

The picture today is of a wind vane we pass most days on our ramblings. Unlike the blackbird we’ve shown previously, this cow generally takes things a little easier and swings round in a much more leisurely manner, but he is certainly not a trustworthy indication of the wind direction. I think the cows in the field must be keeping an eye on him though.

Simon says look west.

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