Bedding Down


Common Bedstraw is, indeed very common. Too common, some might say. It catches on everything, with the little hooked hairs on its leaves, stalks and seeds being more like Velcro than Velcro. But it’s this coat of small barbs that make the Bedstraw useful for, guess what, beds. We don’t sleep on straw mattresses these days thankfully, but if we did the really irritating thing about them would be their tendency to spread and collapse. You might go to sleep on a nice plump mattress but, like many a camper’s air bed, you would wake up next morning, on its sadly, deflated equivalent. Because Bedstraw sticks to everything including other Bedstraw, a mattress stuffed with this holds its shape much better.

Then, those nasty little hooks make an ideal sieve for milk, as many a shepherd, both Greek and Swedish, has found. On the other hand, Geese just love the stuff and indeed, Goosegrass is one of its many aliases. Humans can eat it too, but you probably wouldn’t want to chew on a mouthful of wiry barbs – ‘they’ say that it isn’t too bad if you cook it. Hmm. . .

Then, there are the seeds. Those horrible, get stuck to anything seeds. If you were to collect them, which shouldn’t be too difficult given their natural affinity for everything. Then dry them and roast them, they make one of the best substitutes for coffee there is.

Not surprising, seeing that the Bedstraws and Coffee are from the same family.

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