Excuse Me

Ash And Hawthorn - Three's a Crowd
Ash And Hawthorn – Three’s a Crowd

If you were a couple of Hawthorn bushes, just standing there looking at nothing in particular and this Ash Tree came along and pushed in between you, would you be grumpy about it?. I remember, once in my youth, well, perhaps I wasn’t that young. We took the children to one of these outdoor events, full of athletics, vintage cars, hot dog stands, goldfish in plastic bags, people, people, people and fairground rides.

While my eldest and her Mum went to ride in a tea cup, I and my youngest stood aside to watch. My youngest was a very young toddler at the time, and proud of her new found ability to remain vertical without assistance, she did not like to be carried. To give her a level playing field, in as many ways as possible, I shuffled the two of us into a reasonably empty space. The thing that irritated me was the way people clumped around me, the instant I had a small space to myself.

Then I started to play a game. I found a gap in the wall of humanity and stood there resolutely staring at nothing in particular. Within a short time I had acquired a small group of ‘fans’. As there was nothing to see, they assumed I was blocking their view and soon, they had elbowed their way past me. As soon as the eddy of expectant spectators had swirled us to the rear, my daughter and I were able to wander off to find another small spot and another group of eager ‘fans’.

Like the intergalactic dust, a large amorphous mass of humanity behaves in strange ways.

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