Duvet Day

Dandelion - Duvet Day
Dandelion – Duvet Day

We have had two marvellous days weather-wise – yesterday and the day before. Today, just to make sure we don’t expect a summer this year, the weather has fallen back into its old habits, We have grey skies splattered with rain clouds and a very grumpy wind stomping round rattling doors and slamming bin lids, generally making it known that he is not happy and that they better do something about it pretty soon or there will be trouble!

The Dog had planned to sit on her favourite chair for most of today and then this evening watch a little television – she enjoys wildlife, farming and gardening programmes –  she had hoped that Jackie and I would, perhaps, go out for our morning walk and leave her at home. As it happened both Jackie and I were feeling the same way, but conscience won out over convenience and we all three set off in the end, telling each other that this would be just a short walk.

On the way down to the beck, with my collar turned up and my fingers tucked inside my sleeves to keep them warm, or at least out of the direct blasts of icy wind, I noticed that most of the wild flowers on the verges, had taken the sensible option and stayed in bed this morning.

The Dandelion had one eye open, but he still had his duvet tucked up round his ears.

4 thoughts on “Duvet Day

    1. Hi Wendy – “our island” is that Vancouver Island? – I have relatives ‘over the other side’ in Ottawa and Quebec
      The occasional lie-in does you good, I believe, my problem is I’m a lie-in enthusiast!


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