Rabbit By The Beck
Rabbit By The Beck

The Dog and I pottered off this morning, thinking we would pop down to the beck and see if it was still as full as it was a couple of days ago. Two dry-ish days and it is back to its normal level, people are in such a hurry these days. We trotted from one side to the other and peered through the railings. Then I noticed something that could be a pair of ears in the tangle of grass, dandelions and nettles on the bank a little farther down-stream from the bridge.

I slowly shuffled round until there was a clear shot and took a few pictures. Meanwhile The Dog was just puffling around in the grass on this side of the wooden fence that separates the edge of the flat road bed from where the bank falls away to the the river bed.

This bank is absolutely riddled with rabbit holes. Maybe it was the fact that safety was just a couple of hops away or maybe they were young rabbits and so inclined more towards risk-taking but, in spite of the proximity of The Dog, she was within six or seven feet of them (although from her height they weren’t visible), they continued to sit there while I shuffled closer and closer.

After a few minutes, I begged to be excused, explaining that we had promised to take a picture of the Ribwort and The Dog and I left to continue our walk. The rabbits seemed totally unperturbed by the encounter.

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