Persistant Precititious Precipitation

Meadow Buttercup in the rain
Meadow Buttercup in the rain

Rain, rain, rain. It started late last night and it is still going strong. The Dog and I set out this morning, neither of us over enthusiastic about the prospect of a walk in the rain. But you can’t let a little bit of rain stop you. Can you? We went down the road to look at the beck. It was far too busy to stop and chat. I think it had been ‘Crowd Sourcing‘ and it was full to the brim with enthusiastic supporters, all in a hurry to just get on with it. There were a few cows on the other side of the beck and we said “Good Moo-ning” but they didn’t think it was a good enough day to rate a reply. The blackbird, who lives along the lane was in a grumpy mood and just shouted at us, so we thought, least said soonest mended, and trotted on.

On the way back we stopped to chat to a buttercup. It was feeling pretty miserable too, so we did our best to cheer it up, it just muttered “I don’t want to know, unless the sun’s out.” It probably won’t be pleased to have its picture taken, standing there dripping, in the pouring rain but we did take a quick snap. We had thought of mentioning that buttercups in the garden bring wealth and our garden was just up the road.

Perhaps today isn’t the day for it. Next time the sun comes out and things are looking a little brighter, maybe.

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