Busy Bee

Bee On The Rhododendron
Bee On The Rhododendron

We have seen a few bees around, but most have been too busy to stop and chat. I guess there’s not much point in getting up early to avoid the crowds if you’re going to fritter the time away in idle conversation. Certainly, this guy wouldn’t stand still long enough to stay in focus. It was a grey and gloomy day today too, so there wasn’t much light under the trees at the edge of the wood. The whole bush is covered in flowers now and he was trying his hardest to visit them all. He didn’t seem to be very methodical about it though. It made me wonder if he has a pen and ticks each one off as he collects the nectar, these days you’d expect him to do it with one of those hand held bar code readers, wouldn’t you?

Rhododendrons were here before the Ice Age, you know. After the ice went back and hid behind the Arctic Circle, he just couldn’t be bothered to come back, so our flora went on and developed without him. When he was invited back by the nursery trade in 1760 something, he felt quite at home and soon caught up.

Honey made from Rhododendrons is toxic to humans and the flowers are pretty deadly to horses. Humans eat the flowers and the honey and feel really rotten. Horses won’t eat the stuff, unless there isn’t anything else.

That’s just horse sense, I guess.

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