Unidentified Flying Object Over The English Lakes

UFO Over Cumbria
UFO Over Cumbria

I took this sequence of photos completely by accident. I needed some blue sky and green grass for a project I’m working on and yesterday we had blue sky. As we set off on our walk, I stopped when The Dog and Jackie paused to admire the sunshine and fresh air and took this series of four pictures of the same patch of sky for no reason other than it was a patch of blue sky with fluffy clouds with green grass along the base.

When I looked at the pictures on the computer my first response was “Drat. There’s something on the lens!” Then I started to look closer.

Let me walk you through the four photos – I’ve numbered them and pasted the time and date from the exif data on them – but other than resize them for convenient web display, I haven’t ‘doctored’ them at all.

1. The first picture I took – note that there is no sign of the misty blob at all – I’ve circled the patch of sky that the blob appears in on the other three pictures and there’s nothing there – so much for the idea of it being something on the lens.

2. Forty seconds later I took this picture and within those forty seconds we now have a blurry blob in the sky.

3. Taken ten seconds later and note two important things about our blob first it has moved in relation to the vapour trail and even though it has moved it has left no trail nor has it become elongated.

4. The last photo in the series – I wish now I’d taken a few more! Another eight seconds later and note that the distance travelled by our blob is much less than in the previous ten.

From this we can infer that we are witnessing heat loss due to deceleration and entry from outside the atmosphere. Moreover the photos were taken looking straight down a part of the road the travels pretty much north-south  so the trajectory and the deceleration suggests landing sites, possibly in Whinlatter Forest or what about Wastwater – our deepest lake? Where better to keep an alien spacecraft?

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