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Discountenanced Daisy



Lament (Part XXIII)

It was then, when I realised what I’d just said,
I wished I was dead!
I don’t know what I was thinking but there you are,
a real faux pas.
It was all perfectly innocent until we came to it.
Oh! Why did I do it?
These things will out, no matter how carefully you tread
Oh! Was my face red!

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Forgotten Lines

Track Laying System

Track Laying System

Lament (Part XXII)

In 1825, on the Stockton and Darlington Railway, Locomotive No. 1 first pulled a train
of open coal wagons filled with people, all thrilled to ride (and hoping it wouldn’t rain).
George and Robert Stephenson‘s steam engine, a machine of undreamed power,
pulled those passengers along at a truly amazing speed of four miles an hour.
George understood that, just as with canals, the path the railway took, was key
and for his first locomotives, he needed it to be as level as it could be.
His expertise at planning railway routes for Robert’s engines brought him fame
but I think he would have been happy to have this track laying system, just the same.

Bird of Passage

Collared Dove

Collared Dove

Lament (Part XXI)

I’m from India you know, and I’m on a round-the-world trip.
I’m not that much of a sailor so I try not to travel by ship.
I don’t mind walking about – I’m a down to earth sort of guy
but then, when I need to go farther, I can always fly.
I’m not in any hurry, I want to experience each place
and live the life of the locals – I mean, the local human race.
They’ve always been so kind to me and provided all I need,
with their generous harvests and troughs of animal feed.


Tractor And Gulls

Tractor And Gulls

Lament (Part XX)

There are men that trawl the sea, seeking a harvest there.
We follow after, day on day, to collect our share.
We follow, through the time and tide that won’t wait for man or bird.
We follow and through wave and wind, our shrill cry can be heard.
There are men who trawl the land seeking a harvest there.
We follow, where we find them and we collect our share.
We follow as the seasons change and winter turns to spring.
We follow, to collect our share of the bounty that men bring.

First Footing

Marsh Marigold And A Robin

Marsh Marigold And A Robin

Lament (Part XVIIII)

If your Ice Age went away and didn’t tell you why,
someone must have said something to make it say goodbye.
It would leave the place tidy, scrapped nice and clean,
a little damp here and there perhaps, but not a trace of green.
As all that water drained away you’d just have one big bog.
Not much to write home about unless you’re a duck or a frog.
You really wouldn’t want to live in all that wet and cold,
unless of course you’re a King Cup, a Marsh Marigold.

Sunny Side Up

Brown And Green Hedges

Brown And Green Hedges

Lament (Part XVIII)

If you stand with your back to the morning sun,
better put your gloves on.
Your back to the east, facing west?
If you’re into brown, be my guest.

Stand looking east, feel the sun on your face,
that’s a much better place.
This time of year, green is the thing.
It’s Spring. It’s Spring!


Speedwell - Common Or Corn

Speedwell – Common Or Corn

Lament (Part XVII)

In 1912 Kazimierz Funk invented vitamin C.
Of course it was there all the time,
hidden away in orange and lime,
but we didn’t know that, did we?

If you’re going off in your sailing ship
you take enough food for weeks
and soon all that fresh stuff reeks.
There’s fish to eat but not even one chip.

Your joints swell up and your teeth drop out
Now scurvy’s the name of the game
You might not die but you’re never the same,
don’t let there be any doubt.

So if you found a plant who’s claim to fame
is that there’s vitamin C in the leaves
I’m sure you’d be really pleased
Well, Speedwell is it’s name.

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