Tractor And Gulls
Tractor And Gulls

Lament (Part XX)

There are men that trawl the sea, seeking a harvest there.
We follow after, day on day, to collect our share.
We follow, through the time and tide that won’t wait for man or bird.
We follow and through wave and wind, our shrill cry can be heard.
There are men who trawl the land seeking a harvest there.
We follow, where we find them and we collect our share.
We follow as the seasons change and winter turns to spring.
We follow, to collect our share of the bounty that men bring.

3 thoughts on “Tythe

    1. Thanks Ange – I took loads of photos but surprisingly few of them had the birds flying around in them. I think they all sat still when they saw me point the camera – probably didn’t want to spoil the shot.


      1. yes dave – i have that feeling when i do macro shots of floweres outdoors, gales start to blow the flowers around and makes it difficult, or trying to capture a bumble bee and they buzz off when you point the camera, which i have seen the bumblers out and about in my garden over the weekend 🙂


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