Poem a Day

Woodland Daffodils
Woodland Daffodils

Lament (Part I)

A poem every day? For a month? Why would you want to do that?
It’s hard enough to get people to read your blog as it is, a fat
lot of good that will do. No one reads poetry these days. Short
and to the point with no extraneous filling, is what you ought
to write. You know, with the Internet, people have come to expect
a short and pithy read with just the facts not bla de bla and loads of text.
And don’t forget, while you’re editing, and cutting everything to the bone
It must fit on that tiny screen they have on their current ‘smart’ phone.

3 thoughts on “Poem a Day

    1. Hi – thanks for the comment – sorry I’m so late replying! I have a grandson with a birthday and I’ve been sorting out a story for him – and things didn’t go to plan – do they ever? When will I learn to leave myself plenty of time?


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