Quickly Please

Daffodils In The Snow
Daffodils In The Snow

Come along. Quickly please! Where’s my group? Over here please, if you came with me this morning. Please don’t leave anything behind. Bring everything with you. Over here! Over here! Are you my group? No. Just those who came with me this morning, please. My group! This way! Follow me, please. Quickly please. We have quite a lot to fit in, so we must move along. Stay together now. We don’t want to loose any of you. Stand still please, let me count you. Please stand still for a moment. Are you my group? No. Please, your group is over there. Please stay with them, this is just my group, those who came with me this morning. Are we all here? Please stand still for a moment and I will try to count you. How many did you say? Let me look. No, we should be one more than that, let me count again. Oh, will you please stand still, just for a moment. Good. This way please. Everyone follow me. This way. Try to stay together, now. Please don’t wander off! Stay with the group. My group. This way. Quickly please. There will be time later to look around. We mustn’t dawdle now, we need to hurry along. Now, tomorrow is a free day, so those of you who want to sit around under the hedge have all day to yourselves. Those of you who opted for the local tour? Will you put up your hands? Thank you. Please note that the wind will be here to pick you up at eight o’clock sharp!

Sitting, staring out of the window at the snow is mesmerising, isn’t it?

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