The Spring has Sprung

Hawthorn Leaves - Springing into action
Hawthorn Leaves – Springing into action

Spring. Spring. Spring. Yes, Spring into action and put a Spring in your step. Spring clean, eat Spring greens, eat Spring onions. You may not have the right angle but I’ll Spring along with you – and so on and so forth. Today, as this poor old planet, with so many itches that desperately need scratching, clothed in ragged cast-offs (pinned on here and there with a decorative oil rig) and sprouting so many windmills that he definitely needs a shave, trundled past the first point of Aries. This is the bus stop on our orbit where Winter gets off, in the northern hemisphere and Autumn gets on in the southern..

Spring, of course, had been sitting quietly on the top deck dozing now and again and sporadically reading Fifty Shades of Cold and Grey, in between gazing out of the window wondering how on earth she is going to get the place looking decent in time for summer. She’s thinking to herself that it might perhaps, be best to put a nice thick blanket of snow down until she can find where the mops and buckets were put last year. She just knows that most of the April showers she stacked away so carefully will have spots of mould on them and be past their use-by date.

O-oh, here we go! She’s found her pinny and pushed her sleeves up. Heads down lads, or you’ll be given a job to do.


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