Freight Train
Freight Train

I’ve given you a picture of a train for no reason really. During the week we don’t have a huge amount of freight traffic travelling over our embankment and what there is tends to be late at night. We just have our two carriages of the bus with train wheels – the Class 142 diesel, at twenty to the hour.

Out of Carlisle, off towards Newcastle, the railway climbs pretty steeply up along our embankment and although the two carriages of the passenger trains usually manage it with no problem you can certainly tell from the sound of the engine whether they are straining east bound or rattling along a a good old lick west bound. It may be, of course, like a horse nearing his home after a long days ride, that they can scent their stables and, as they get closer to Carlisle, they start to become impatient to be home.

On Saturday and Sunday it is a different matter. It’s a limited passenger service and the line is kept busy with freight. Usually they are great long strings of various types of wagons and coming out of Carlisle they really have a tough time and crawl their way along the embankment panting “I think I can! I think I can!” I took this picture on Monday morning. Not only was he moving trucks on a weekday but he only had three trucks. My guess is the trucks didn’t get up early enough to be part of a proper train over the weekend and were forgotten until the morning after.

As I said, there really isn’t any reason for me to bore you with these details of our rural idyll but I do have a recording I made of the woodpecker trying to readjust the woods behind the house to be more to his liking – it’s only ten seconds and I wanted to try WordPress’ own audio widget rather than use the rather clunky Soundcloud one I’ve used before.

Give it a click and see if it works.

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