Convenient for the Beech

Beech Buds
Beech Buds

Just as we get to the top of the hill, before we come to the alpacas, there is a small beech tree by the road. It looks like an escapee from someone’s hedge, but it has never been clipped into any shape. At first I worried a bit for it, in case it felt left out but, now I’ve come to know it better, I’m sure that it is actually revelling in its freedom. During the summer, we often paused to ruffle its leaves as we passed and in autumn we complimented it on its colourful display. Then, as autumn progressed, it nodded off. The few remaining leaves became bored with hanging around waiting and dropped off, to rush round in circles with all the others. Eventually, they all went off, over the hills and far away, to dance with Beatrix Potter, Pigwig and Pigling Bland.

Edward Bach thought his essence, made from Beech flowers, would help people who needed to see good and beauty in all that surrounds them. Magical wands made from beech wood are very good at allowing energy to flow through them but not so good at holding the magical energy for any length of time. Beech tablets have been used for writing for years, because the very fine grain doesn’t send the writing implement off at strange angles when you’re trying to form runes or letters.

I once tried to draw astrological signs on pine tablets with a soldering iron, I can’t remember why – it was important at the time though, a very frustrating experience it turned out to be.

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