You Lookin’ At My Bird?

Attack Swan
Attack Swan

It’s the mating season, every where we look there are unmistakable signs. The blackbird has started singing in the evenings – he might be singing in the morning too but that is outside my terms of reference. Apart from seeing a blue tit examining a nesting box, fixed to a tree in a garden we pass on the road round to the level crossing, we haven’t seen any overt nest building yet. Remembering that we are not overly observant, that doesn’t mean that nest building isn’t under way, just that so far, we’ve not noticed birds flying round with sticks in their beaks.

We went to Talkin Tarn this morning and walked round the tarn, seeing ducks in pairs wherever we looked. Black-headed Gulls, with and without the full black faces, had congregated in a gang out in the middle of the tarn and were taking it in turns to show off their flying skills.

There were two swans over the other side of the tarn – doing the drifting and admiring your reflection thing that swans do so well – when another appeared from under the branches of the overhanging trees and followed along as we made our way round the waterside path. I looked out over the water and to my surprise one of the pair, previously peacefully gliding by the far bank, was coming at full tilt directly across. Obviously aiming straight at the nearby swan who it appeared, was persona non grata.

I really, never imagined that a swan could move that fast!

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