Uncertain Airs

Wind often blows windmills round. It has been known to grind corn, amuse aged Spanish adventurers, hammer ore to dust and occasionally, even generate a feed in tariff. It comes in different sizes depending on what you had in mind for it. At the moment we have an energy difference between the equatorial regions and us. The wind is rushing out of the north to reach the lower latitudes as quickly as it can. It would seem that the fastest way down south is via the M6 and this takes the air masses right past our front door. This is not something we are happy about.

As you know, a windmill works by the air moving over the aerofoil shape of the wing, sail or blade. It pushes on the front as it arrives in the vicinity, it then cuddles up to the blade for a while leaning on it and giving it a warm embrace. Naturally, when it leaves it leaves regretfully, creating a vacuum in the blade’s life and pulling the sail along after it.

Wind always flows from a high pressure to a low pressure – but having said that I must also add that it takes its time doing the flowing and can wander round either clockwise or anticlockwise for quite a while before it eventually decides where the low pressure is.

As you can see from the short video.

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