Our Hill In The Snow
Our Hill In The Snow

Jackie climbed out of bed this morning to a white world. I think I’ve mentioned before, in our house ‘Early to bed and early to rise makes a woman healthy, wealthy and wise.’ Man and dog prefer to stay in bed in ignorance. I raised a sleep clogged head and gazed out with bleary eyes in response to her “oh” and “ah” and other expressions indicating that I really should, at least, sit up and see what was outside the window.  It was all white. This is common in cases of snowfall, so I made an effort to regain the comfortable doze I had been aroused from.

Later, when I emerged from bed, scrubbed and dressed, the sun was putting in sporadic appearances and the snow blanket, that had been pulled right up the the edges of the lawn earlier, had been turned down to show the brown and green sheets underneath a strip along the sunny edge. Even though the sun was becoming more serious about the whole business, outside continued to snow quietly to itself. This went on for most of the morning, with the sun suddenly remembering an earlier appointment and cold grey clouds sprinkling little ice crystals, rather than snowflakes, on us. Then, the sun would pop back and pick up where it had left off. By mid afternoon, just the odd patches of snow in cold corners were still doing their best to maintain a cohesive cover.

An interesting day, full of weather. We’ll see what tomorrow brings.

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