Still to Come


Well here we are with another day all doom and gloom. The world is about to break out in winter again, just when we were quite happy for it to be on it’s way. It has an appointment in the southern hemisphere in a few months and we wouldn’t like it to be late now, would we? Some seasons just never know when to go, do they? Winter has definitely overstayed its welcome.

That being the case I thought you might like this picture from a few days ago, when Spring had grown impatient and sneaked in ahead of the first point of Aries. It’s nice to remember that the skies can still be blue, as hard to believe as that seems these last few days.

White crocuses or croci (does that mean that you have one crocodile but two crocidile?) have white pollen but other colours all have the normal yellow. The flower is a tube, with the bit that will turn into the seed hidden underground, to protect it from weather and grazing until it’s ready to branch out on its own. If you want to be that way, there are crocus varieties that flower all the way through from late August.

But what’s the point of that? We only have crocuses to tell us that the long wait is over and Spring is nearly here.

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