Seeing is Believing

What Bird?
What Bird?

The Dog and I were stepping it out, in a hurry, no time to spend rooting in the debris from autumn’s tidy up along the verge. Much to her disgust. We were late, you see. We had unaccountably been delayed and fallen behind our expected time of departure. I don’t remember exactly what the underlying cause was, it might have been the postman, he’s always ready for a chat, and he’s a dog owner too, which gives us a fair amount of common ground. Then there’s our neighbour, from a few houses up the road, he has a water leak somewhere – and every now and then he digs a hole to see if he can find it. We often stop to commiserate with him on the insidiousness of leaking water. It gets everywhere you know, and you can follow red herrings as they swim all the way up blind alleys and never come anywhere the source of the drip.

Still, whatever had held us up, we had an appointment, and our expected time of return was non negotiable, so we needed to move right along. We reached the T junction we had set as our goal and turned to go back the way we had come. Checking the time as we turned I felt that we could still make the deadline. Off along the road and back over the beck we raced. There in the trees by the beck perched a bird. I could only see it in silhouette. I could spare precisely one second, I whipped out the camera and took two very quick pictures, then we pressed on, driven by our merciless deadline.

We made it home in time. This is the photo we took of the ‘bird’.

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